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With technology becoming increasingly digital and with changes in consumer attitudes and behaviour, we thought we’d take a fresh look at the benefits of email marketing for driving business to websites. In doing so, our analysis of the latest research shows that, as a marketing medium, it remains highly relevant. Here’s what we discovered.

1. The furthest reach of all channels

While social media has billions of active users, its marketing reach is still smaller than that of email. More people have email accounts than social media accounts and make more use of them. At present, there are 3.8 billion social media users and 4.1 billion email users.

2. Email marketing still generates the highest ROI

Email marketing has held the ROI top spot for quite some time and has yet to be surpassed by other forms of marketing. In fact, the latest data shows that the rate of return has increased in recent years, up from £32 for every £1 spent in 2017 to £42 for every £1 spent today. Almost three-quarters of online businesses believe email provides ROI which is either good or excellent.

3. Email boosts sales

The ultimate aim of email marketing is to increase revenue and there is much evidence that emails boost sales. While a quarter of social media users will click on an ad, only 30% of those report buying a product they have clicked on in the last month. That figure rises to 60% for email marketing. In the US, it is estimated that over 80% of consumers will buy as a result of seeing a product in an email, especially when it comes with a special offer.

4. Email drives customer retention

The increasing use of personalisation has made email the ideal channel for sending product recommendations and targeted special offers. Over 90% of users prefer companies who send emails that remember their preferences, interests and shopping habits and which provide relevant personal recommendations. This, in turn, has led email to drive customer retention, with 80% of businesses now using it as the primary channel on which to focus customer retention campaigns.

Importantly, sending email that engages customers is key to retaining millennial and Gen Z customers. Three-quarters of these users are likely to maintain brand engagement when they receive emails that have content they consider having value. This includes emails that arrive at the right time and which allow consumers to make bookings, watch videos, vote in polls or follow their favourite brands on social media.

5. Email marketing is perfect for mobile

One of the biggest shifts in user behaviour is the move towards mobile. Today, more people access the internet via a smartphone than by any other device and 53% of emails are opened on the user’s phone. When both the email and the website are mobile-friendly, it makes it easy for users to read emails, click on links and be sent directly to the landing page, regardless of where the user is.

Such mobile-friendliness provides the customer experience the modern user expects from the brands they follow and makes purchasing on the go easy to do. Optimising emails for use on smartphone screens is the way to make them more effective.

6. The cheapest way to acquire new customers

The cost of acquisition can be significant and have a detrimental effect on ROI, especially for businesses that sell low-value products. Compared to other methods of acquiring new customers, email is by far the most cost-effective solution. In eCommerce, It works out, on average, at about £7 a head for email, £15 for social media, £18 for PPC and £21 for direct mail.  If you are looking to acquire more customers, then, pound for pound, email is the obvious choice.


Research shows that in 2021, email marketing still plays a crucial role in helping drive business. It is the most cost-effective marketing solution in terms of customer acquisition and ROI; it both attracts new customers and helps retain existing ones; it is primed to work well on mobile devices which consumers increasingly use to access the internet; and, importantly, it can be incorporated into the advanced digital systems that provide the personalisation which the modern consumer expects from brands who deliver enhanced customer experiences.

When email marketing is engaging, has genuine value for customers and sends them to website pages that are optimised and personalised for them, the benefits are even greater.

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